Senior couple to be part of a stock photography shoot, “senior couple working out outside”

Hi! I am looking for a senior couple to collaborate in a stock photography shoot that will take place in Gothenburg the 2021-04-09 at 15:30. We will be shooting for two and half hour and I would like to meet you one additional hour before (14:30) to say hi and get ready. The concept is “Senior couple working out outside" and we will shoot situations like working out in a park, resting, enjoying the fresh air, etc.
You, as a model, will get 2 gifts:
-The best of the selected and finalised images from the stock shoot once they are ready, to use for your own use and social media. Around 20-25 finalised images.
-30 minutes of pictures of something that you like, we could take the pictures before or after the stock shoot the same day or another day that you propose. You will get between 10-15 finalised pictures selected by me. This pictures will be exclusive for you, for your own use and social media.
The stock photography images will be sold around the globe for a long time via the world's leading stock photography agencies to professional image buyers and being used for advertising, marketing, information and other media (such as ads, brochures, pr and other corporate communications). The clients are ad agencies, corporations, and publishing companies.
Our communication will be mainly via email, where we will go through the clothes and things to bring. I really value a good and fast communication. Please add a recent photo together in the application.
I look forward to hearing from you! ...

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